Terms of Reference – Call for Experts – Various Lots – Udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira

Project:                               Various

Organisation and place:     Partner organizations in Bosnia-Herzegovina Period:            TBD, 2023 – 2024

Lots available:                    Lot 1. Gender Analysis Lot 2. Project Evaluation

Lot 3. Strategy development and strategic action plans Lot 4. Fundraising strategy

Mandated by:                     cfd

These Terms of Reference (TOR) were developed by cfd for the call of experts which aims to attract professionals from various areas that could support cfd and its partner organizations in project implementation.

  1. Information on the Mandating Organisation: cfd

The Swiss NGO cfd (The Feminist Peace Organization, www.cfd-ch.org) is a peace and development organisation working towards gender equality, the empowerment of women and participation of women. We are independent of political and religious affiliation and oriented towards a vision of a good life for every human being, regardless of gender, ethnic background and religion.

Our regional focus is around the Mediterranean (South-Eastern Europe, Maghreb and Middle East).

cfd’s engagement in South-Eastern Europe goes back to 1996 and remained ever since a key element in the international cooperation program of the organisation. cfd cooperates with local NGOs, mostly local women’s organisations, human right’s organisations, organisations

engaged in inclusive economic development and other NGOs with gender-sensitive approaches. cfd engages in the following sectors: Prevention of Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV), Income Generation and Social and Political Inclusion.

Partner organizations of cfd are selected on a competitive basis and implement projects in accordance with the planned results-based project proposals. In order for the projects to be sensitive to the needs on the ground, cfd conducts gender-based analyses in the first phase of the project implementation and also contracts evaluations at the end of the project or a project phase. Gender analyses are always tailored to the needs of the specific project, its target population, and the partner organizations and are looking at the various aspects of gender equality in the society. A gender analysis is carried out applying quantitative and qualitative data collection. In that regard, cfd has developed specific guidelines and, in participative collaboration with the partner organization, defines the focus of the gender analysis. The partner organization and cfd are involved in the entire process and the results are shared and discussed with all project stakeholders in a restitution meeting.

Partner organizations of cfd are selected on a competitive basis and implement projects in accordance with the planned results-based project proposals. Each proposal contains the logframe accompanied by SMART indicators and their implementation is followed by cfd through regular field visits and reports submitted by the partner organizations. In order for cfd to assess project implementation at the end of the cycle, evaluations are conducted. Evaluation exercises are planned and carried out to look at relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability (according to OECD-DAC principles) of a given project. Each exercise entails an inception report, data collection, research phase and report writing with recommendations. cfd and partner organizations are consulted and oversee the overall process.

cfd also offers support to develop organizational capacity of partner organizations in order to support their sustainable growth and existence after cfd’s involvement. Such support may involve development of various operational and strategic documents, which are agreed upon specifically with the partner organization. This usually entails a desk analysis, a consultative and participative exercise with the partner organization and drafting of the operational documents. Partner organizations guide the process while cfd has an advisory and consultative role. The overall aim of the exercise is the capacity building of partner organizations so that they can further develop in the future.

Objectives, scope and the timeline are precisely defined and tailored according to the specific project, the needs of the ground and the partner organization.

Reports are usually provided in English and Bosnian as well. The draft reports are provided for initial feedback by the partner organization and cfd. The assignment may also include presentation of findings to the target groups.

Target groups usually include: management and project staff members of the partner organizations; external partners/stakeholders such as municipal authorities, other NGOs active in the respective selected municipalities, women’s associations, families of participants, etc.; targeted participants of the project and cfd Program Coordinator and Local Coordinator.

  • University Degree in Social, Gender, Human Rights Studies or any related field
  • Proven experience in gender-sensitive programming, implementation and evaluation of development programs and projects
  • Proven experience in women’s rights and gender-based discrimination in Bosnia- Herzegovina
  • Understanding of the specifics of the current context, its challenges and the dynamics of political, economic, and social requirements for different groups of women the projects are targeting
  • Excellent social scientific methodological data collection skills (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Working level of English and Bosnian languages required
  • Availability to travel to project sites

Interested consultants are asked to provide the following:

  1. CV of the consultant
  2. Application letter – indicating:
    1. The lot for which lot they are applying;
    1. Relevant experience and motivation for engagement for the lot they are submitting their application to;
    1. Availability to conduct the assignment in case of their selection;
    1. Availability to travel;
    1. Financial offer (their daily fee)

Applications can be submitted by 25 April 2023 to cfd.bosnia@gmail.com.

In case of questions, interested consultants can submit questions in English by 20 April 2023 to cfd.bosnia@gmail.com.


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