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SOS Children’s Villages – NATIONAL PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR – Udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira

1 position Location: Sarajevo

The National Program Development Director (NPDD) ensures the implementation of SOS Children’s Villages policies and documents, such as SOS Care promise, SOS Programme Serivce Description, National Gatekeeping Guidelines, Child safeguarding policies and others. He/she leads (manages) the implementation of quality programs for children’s development within families of origin, SOS families and other alternative family like care models, through different programme interventions including: direct care services, capacity building and advocacy initiatives for better social services, education and healthcare. NPDD ensures (and leads) the implementation of the quality assurance system within the SOS Children’s Villages Program, including monitoring and evaluation. She / he leads the development of the Organization’s program development strategy, relevant budgets and action plans. The NPDD participates in, and / or initiates civil society activities, with the aim of improving conditions and changing policies and practices that are not in line with the rights and best interest of children. She/he participates in the work of working groups and networks of partners (consist of government and NGO representatives at various levels of governance). As a direct supervisor, the NPDD leads the staff of the National Program Development Department, and directly report to SOS National Director in BiH. As a part of functional responsibilities, the NPDD directly communicate with Regional Program Development Director. As a member of the Regional NPDD network, He/she shares good practices and experiences with colleagues from other SOS National Associations in the region/world.

  • Responsible for professional and conscientious work performance in accordance with laws, vision, mission and policies
  • Ensure the implementation of program activities aligned with laws, policies and quality standards in providing service for children and youth in alternative care, and families in a risk of separation.
  • Development of strategic directions in Program Development at the national level, aligned with the SOS-KDI standards and policies and other relevant policies of SOS Children’s Villages.
  • Responsible for initiating activities, through an integrated program, for optimal development of the child in a family environment (families of origin, SOS families, other options for alternative family like care) and through program interventions (direct basic services, capacity building, advocacy, education and health)
  • Leads processes for national situational analysis of the children and children’s rights, as well as feasibility studies at the SOS Children’s Village Program locations
  • Developing quality program proposals for SOS Children’s Villages and managing implementation to achieve strategic goals
  • Responsible for regular, accurate and complete reporting on program implementation to the National Director, National Management Team, and in accordance with the authorizations, internal procedures and relevant legal regulations.
  • Take care of resources under his control and reports to National Director and National Management Team.
  • Prepare, monitor and support the development of publicly funded programs and provides strategic and programmatic guidelines.
  • Promote and implement child safety procedures under the Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Respect for children’s rights, human rights and advocacy: uses and respects the principles and terminology of children’s rights (including respect for children’s rights to privacy) and coordinates and consistently promotes the goals of advocacy for children’s rights and human rights in general
  • In cooperation with the National Director, and the program director of the Children’s Village Sarajevo and Gračanica, creates a partnership network with key stakeholders in the child protection sector (government, NGOs, international NGOs and government organizations), promotes the organization and implements advocacy policy
  • Responsible for direct performance management of the staff of the Program Development Department.
  • Commited to Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Reporting and Response Procedures in SOS;
  • Prevents and mitigates possible safety risks for children;
  • Reports any concerns regarding the safety of children according to nationally defined reporting channels;
  • Promotes the Child Safeguarding Policy in daily work and cooperation with partners.
  • Participates in monitoring the implementation of all child safeguarding measures and policies at the program and national level.
  • Participates in monitoring and supporting location’s child safeguarding teams.
  • Participates in collecting and sharing lessons learned and good practices
  • Participates in the audit process at the program and national level
  • In case of potentially critical incidents, participates in response to the incident and monitoring the implementation of planned activities.
  • Participates in the development of strategies and plans for the child safeguarding at the national level.
  • Minimum 240 ECTS credits Second cycle of higher education level 7 or equivalent (economics, law, management, social sciences – psychology, social work and other sciences);
  • Computer skills (MS office and understanding of basic database functionalities)
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience in similar jobs in management positions
  • Active knowledge of English;
  • Driver’s license B category-active driver.
  • Leadership competencies
  • Excellent knowledge of standards, legal issues and developments in the field of social protection of families, children and youth.
  • Knowledge of the UN Convention and National legislation on children’s rights
  • Basic knowledge of fundraising and public funding
  • High level of communication skills, as well as skills of networking and building partnerships with local partners, including local authorities, community representatives, partner organizations.
  • Knowledge in budgeting, financial management, human resource development, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation

Good presentation skills to promote the organization

The advertisement remains open until April 5th, 2023.

Applications with a biography (CV) and motivation letter should be sent to e-mail: [email protected] or at the following address:

SOS-Kinderdorf International – Predstavništvo u Sarajevu, ul. Ahmeda Muradbegovića 1c, 71000 Sarajevo, marked as “Application for the position of NATIONAL PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR”. Application can be submitted electronically via following web page: https://sos-ds.ba/postani-dio-tima/

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Note: We do not have responsibility to return received applications.


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