JOB VACANCY – Public Relations Officer (40hr/week) – Udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira


  • develop and implement effective communications strategies, tailored to our target audiences and based on our activities, including specifically a marketing strategy, a media strategy, and a social media strategy;
  • develop, update, and maintain web content, including specifically news articles in line with our editorial policy;
  • monitor search engine optimization of our website/s, social media engagement, and other metrics per a monitoring plan;
  • develop and otherwise produce, edit, and disseminate various types of content (e.g., articles, presentations, press releases, social media posts, and speeches) that communicates our activities on a regular basis, including paid advertising through various mediums;
  • develop engaging social media content for our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,, Threads, Twitter / X), including accounts’ designs, in line with a social media strategy and editorial plan and communicate with followers, including responding to queries;
  • develop, edit, and update our promotional material and publications (e.g., brochures, flyers, infographics, social media posts, posters, and videos);
  • engage with media (e.g., arranging interviews, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, disseminating columns or op-eds, establishing and updating a media database, maintaining records of media coverage and collating various analytics, organizing and leading press conferences, and responding to media inquiries);
  • organize our and attend other organizations’ promotional events (e.g., exhibitions, forums, on-air shows, open days, press conferences, and tours);
  • support our events with photography and videography, including editing thereof; and
  • prepare, record, edit, and otherwise support (although not editorialize or host) our blog, journal, newsletter/s, podcast, and other publications, as appropriate.
  • excellent copywriting skills;
  • extensive experience as a content creator;
  • experience in audio, photography, and videography, including editing;
  • experience managing media relations (online, broadcast and print), including designing and running social media (advertising) campaigns;
  • experience with a content management system;
  • familiarity with social science and research.
  • fluency in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbia, and English and knowledge of both Latin and Cyrillic scripts;
  • familiarity with search engine optimization;
  • proficiency in using various social media; and
  • practical knowledge of online and offline marketing channels.

Interested candidates should submit a detailed CV, a portfolio (if they have one), and examples / proof demonstrating their ability to perform the aforementioned responsibilities. In addition, applicants should include the contact information (email and phone number) of two referees (not recommendation or reference letters). Interested applicants should submit these documents (and any other relevant information) by August 28, 2023 by email (

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed during the week of August 28, 2023 and a decision will be made by September 1, 2023, with the expected starting date of September 4, 2023.

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